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THE MISSION OF VANCOUVER Liu RuoXi Vocal Music Art Academy

Cultivate student's artistic temperament, interest, and strive in education quality.

Everyone can sing, but not everyone can sing well. A good singer is forged by professional and systematic training. No pain, no gain. To sing well one must learn musical knowledge and techniques systematically.

Liu Ruo Xi Vocal Music Art School is established in Vancouver and serving Burnaby, Richmond, Coquitlam, and all  Great Vancouver area. The one to one private lessons are instructed by Liu Ruo Xi; the outstanding young soprano who graduated from China Conservatory of Music and studied under the renowned Chinese vocal educator. And the entry-level lessons are conducted by Teaching Assistant. We accommodate in the best interest of each student and arrange our classes efficiently so that each student can receive expert coaching in the best setting we offer.

With the great concentration in children and teenager's musical education, Vancouver Liu Ruo Xi Vocal Music Art School enable to train students to learn the technique of singing in a short time and improve their singing skills dramatically.

The main content of lessons is to train student's singing technique, students will learn the correct way to sing while at the same time learn how to immerse into the scene. The student will be proficient in both the singing technique and the singing knowledge. One step at a time, until the students is proficient in every way.


For the purpose of enhancing the comprehensive musical ability, through active and vivid teaching style, to enable students learn the basics of singing, to master the musical knowledge and the basic skill of singing, stimulate student's passion for musical arts, foster student's correct aesthetic value and healthy, positive, active and aspiring way of thinking.

Students will study under the inspirational direction of vocal techniques, solfeggio and ear training, basic music theory, singing posture and stage manners.

Training will be focusing on four areas:

1. Basic performing gestures;

2. Basic Vocal technique;

3. Singing Clarity ( Basic toning and tone identification);

4. Process of singing assignment.

  • The program is designed for students with passion in musical arts, with basic talent and great interest in the art of singing. Preferred with good understanding of music basics, and interest in musical theory.

  • Recommended for: Age 4 up

  • A certificate will be awarded a certificated issued by the Liu Ruo Xi Vocal Music Art School upon successful graduation.


Enable students to master the vocal training techniques.

  • Study 15 Lessons, able to adequately sing entry level art songs and intermediate level folk songs.

  • Study 30 Lessons, able to adequately sing intermediate level art songs and difficult level folk songs.

  • Study 50 Lessons, able to master most art songs and Chinese and international folk songs.

  • Upon completion of program , students will be awarded a certificate issued by Liu Ruo Xi Vocal Music Art School.

  • Students will be offered the opportunity to participate in the benefit concert and artistic practice.

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